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6 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Healthier Place


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I found it interesting the bedroom is being continually pressed upon "us" as being only for "bed time". Well, that definition is only a recent introduction to our vocabulary. I keep coming here to learn new things that improve on the "Old things". Instead I get either out-dated information or new-fangled ideas that actually went first out from the Kellogg brothers... No, that movie was only loosely based upon the wild antics they were up to. Report
I fall asleep with a book in my hand every night. Report
Ill try some of these tips Report
Always good reminders Report
Thank you for sharing. Report
Thanks for sharing the info Report
Great Advice! Thanks for sharing this one! Report
good ways to sleep better Report
Cold room, window open, eye shades, and I sleep. Report
Pretty good idea actually. Report
Thanks Report
Thanks! Report
Great article! Report
I might have to change a few things. Thanks! Report
Definitely it has helped to have the electronics out of the bedroom! Report

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