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11 Questions You Must Ask Your Doctor Before Losing Weight


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Outstanding! Report
Good questions. Thanks. Report
Thanks Report
Thanks Report
good questions Report
thank you Report
thank you Report
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I don't trust skinny people about weight issues. I will only talk to those who know just how hard it is to loose and keep it off. Report
Interesting article! I am not sure what my doctor would say except go for it! But in a more professionally manner, Report
In a perfect, or semi-perfect world, getting this much information from one's doctor would be great. Most of the time we get "lose weight" with no direction or assistance. Report
Just do it.
I'm happy for anyone who has a doctor who knows them and is able to spend as much time with them as the article seems to suggest. I don't happen to know anyone in that situation. Report
always good to talk to your Dr Report
Interesting Report

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