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Is Clutter Keeping You From Reaching Your Goals?


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I cannot function when things are cluttered. So, I only get stuff I need.

However, I have a drawer, just one large drawer in my apartment, that functions as a clutter gets cleaned every six months or so for the next round of clutter to have space. Report
I just decluttered my closet. I feel it has helped me immensely with my weight loss because I've rid myself of all my larger sized pieces and useless pieces. Report
I need to deal with things rather than put them down "for later" Report
Great article! Report
Very helpful. Thank you. Report
Thank you for this article. I definitely need to kick start my clutter! Report
Absolutely Report
Thanks Report
I am not a person that clutters a lot. Prefer to stay organized so that I can find things again. Thanks for a great article. I have watched this lady and how she functions. Report
I have found that the more clutter around me really does add to stress and even depression. I don't want a pristine sterile look but I surely do need tidy. Report
Very interesting. I probably have more stuff than I want to admit to. Report
This would definitely make a difference for me. Report
My DH is a clutterer. 80% of the stuff in our home is his (we were both married before and each had full houses, plus things from our parents). He saves many, many things and while he sometimes cleans up specific things, there are many, many boxes, bins, books, pictures, clothes, etc. etc. etc. that he doesn't touch. I get very frustrated because the only things I can cull (he literally takes things out of the garbage if I toss anything without his permission) are my things, which account for only 20% of the total, and which are already pretty well organized. I find living with the clutter very difficult, and we argue about it frequently. Report
Useful recommendations. Thank you. Report
Why can't I open this in a browser from the Android app? Report

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