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6 Common Reasons You're Waking Up In the Middle of the Night


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Interesting Report
sometimes I wake up because my nose is stuffy Report
thank you Report
Thanks... Report
cats on my legs also! Report
Cats on my legs ... Report
Thanks for the info. Report
Thank you! Report
bathroom --aging is a pain. Report
thanks Report
After working out 2 hours every day at 4:30am, I have no problem sleeping. Report
They left out waking up because of sinus congestion that one has to get up and deal with. I have several others on the list too. Sleeping more than 2 to 4 hours is an abnormality for me. Once in a while I have a catch up day with a number of shorter sleep intervals. Report
Thanks Report
It's actually quite normal to be awake for a bit in the middle of the night Report

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