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Non-Weight-Loss Resolutions That Will Make Your Life Infinitely Better


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Since getting diagnosed with sleeping problem, and now using a C-Pap machine I finally have much better sleeping most of the time. Thanks for sharing the article Report
Great article Report
Great article! Report
I think the evening yoga, or even stretching, is a good idea. Report
Thank you for this information. It is definitely counterproductive sometimes to focus on weight. Great suggestions.

I need more sleep according to this but I feel less sluggish when I get 6-6.5 hours. Report
thank you Report
Sleep and stress are my most important triggers. I've made goals to address them, and I can see progress! Great article! Report
All of these are good Report
Good need-to-know information! Report
My stress is much less since I no longer work at a toxic workplace but I need to work on my zzzzz. I find myself getting involved in a task in early evening (7:30-8pm) and before I know it the clock shows 10:30 or 11:30pm and I did not realize I had been working so long! Alarms are my friend and will be used more in the evening! Report
I like this article a lot! Stress is such a big factor in so many of our lives these days. I find myself reaching for foods that I would not normally eat when I am stressed out. We actually make our lives even more stressful by constantly feeling we have to keep up with social media and post something every day. Relax, chill and breath. I like to read before bed. Just a good ole book and my comfy bed. Before I know it I am getting heavy lidded and ready to shut down. Report
working on turning off computer an hour before bed and not reading in bed telling my self my bed is for sleeping only. Report
I've been working on sleep for awhile now. It seems if I don't get enough, everything else is out of kilter too. These are some good suggestions. Thanks. Report
Walked half an hour then rested Report

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