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3 Diets Dietitians Say Are Not a Long-Term Solution


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You need to actially do research on Keto, try National Institute of Health's pub med. LOOK at the long term effects of Keto on inflammation, metabolic syndrome, DIABETES (can fully reverse Diabetes, endcthe dreadful medication), Cancer, Cardiovascular disease. Get it current and accurate. Report
Just choose a healthful lifestyle Report
Sometimes I pick up a tip from one of these trendy schemes. But the best comment for me is on how demonizing foods is always a point... Never eat this vegetable again bkather.,That ad pops up all too often. Report
Spark has been teaching many mixed messages-It is what is popular at the time-looks at the dates on some of these articles...I have learned take what you can use and leave the rest...Eat healthy, exercise and be mindful-do it for you... Report
thanks Report
I get worried about people who put such faith in drastic diets. Report
I did not start my journey on Spark People on a diet but to learn a healthy eating style. Report
As a rule, diets don’t work. The premise of a diet is it is something you will eventually go off of. If you make permanent changes, whether low carb, plant based, sugar free, etc., that are sustainable then whatever route you choose it can be a success. There is no one size fits all in weight loss. You need to find a plan that you can do not just to lose but to live. Report
Hi! I am looking for some diet like this please help me. Report
Permanent diet change Report
I'm doing the Keto lifestyle. Diet to me has an ending to return to normal eating. Yes I eat more fats than other people, but a lot of those fats are from olive oil, coconut oil, etc... not necessarily from bacon and burgers.

IMHO there isn't one right diet for everyone. A person needs to see what works best for them, talk to their doctor & use some common sense.

KIRSTEN NUNEZ even says "There is no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to dieting, weight loss and health." Why is she then saying which diets are good and bad? Report
Thank you Kirsten for a well-written and informative article. I wish I'd understood the concepts presented here back in the 70s when I was experimenting with Atkins. The fast-fix idea was what sold me on it back then. I also loved several ounces of cheese melted in a non-stick frypan on the stovetop. Not especially low-cal, the weight loss ended after the first 20 pounds, which I now understand was probably water weight lost and not fat. I stubbornly persisted with it anyway until 6 months later a routine PAP was abnormal. There was just not enough fiber to keep my digestion healthy. I developed gluten sensitivity shortly after ending the diet. and learn! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thank you for the article but most of all thanks for the comments! Real life experience! Thank you! Report

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