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7 Bad Goals to Avoid (and the 3 Steps to Achieving Any Goal)


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Good info thanks SP!! Report
All those "bad" goals are just general, starting point goals. All they need is refining. Report
Very helpful. Thanks for sharing. Report
Good need-to-know realistic information, thanks! Report
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Thank you for this article Report
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I agree weight loss goals can be problematic but I think 1 or 2 pounds a month is sandbagging for most people. If you are very overweight, your weight can vary that much day to day. I think a percentage maybe based on BMI is appropriate... so if you are in the obese category I think you can safely shoot for 10% body weight in a month (20lbs for a 200lb starting weight). People who are in the barely overweight category have less to lose and, more importantly, less body fat so a far slower weight loss rate makes more sense. Report
Really helpful! Report
Good post Report
I expected to read the same old stuff about goals setting, but I was pleasantly surprised. This article had a lot of really helpful information for me. Thank you! Report
GR8 Article!!
Great article, focus on the positive and be realistic! Report

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