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4 Ways Being Selfish Can Help You Lose Weight


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Great ideas Report
Sounds good!! Report
great thanks. Report
Great information! Thanks! Report
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Thanks. Report
good article Report
This is a good reminder to stay strong & not let others interfere with your goals. Report
Very good article! I find that there is a real struggle between choosing self over others. But in the end, people pleasing eventually backfires because of the resentment build up from giving in to other people's needs. I have found that when I say Yes to myself I am so much more available to others because I have met my needs first. Let's face it, I am the only one responsible for my well being and happiness. I get to make the choices and live with the consequences too. Report
misnomer Report

i think calling this behaviour "selfish " is a mi
interesting point. will try it out. Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
Great ideas! Thank you! Report
Great tips!! Thank you!! Report

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