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4 Ways Being Selfish Can Help You Lose Weight


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thanks. not always easy but so worth it Report
Thank you for this balanced article on self-care. Report
Taking care of oneself may appear selfish to some. If others don't understand, that's not your problem. Take care of yourself. Report
thank you Report
Getting healthier is not selfish, it benefits our whole family, since we'll likely be around longer and also have more energy to take care of them and love them! It reminds me of the safety talk the flight attendants give on the plane, if an emergency happens and the oxygen masks drop down. the adult must put their mask on first before they help their child--otherwise they might pass out before they can get the child properly situated! It helps others in the long run, to take better care of ourselves. It is not to the detriment of others, thus not selfish... Report
Interesting. We are taught to pleasing to others often at the detriment of ourselves. Report
Thank you Report
Thanks Report
Great article! Report

excellent Report
Great article. Report
helpful Report
Some very good ideas. thanks for sharing. Report

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