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4 Ways Being Selfish Can Help You Lose Weight


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thanks Report
Great tips! Thanks! Report
I gage my weight by how I feel. I can tell when I need to start watching Report
I remember being told I was going to waste away to nothing if I lost more weight. At the time, my doctor said I still needed to lose 40 more pounds. The weight charts backed him up. I was still obese. I went on to lose those 40 pounds, total 80 pounds. Then my doctor said I could lose another 10 pounds. Report
What I am encountering now (down 70 pounds) is the “you’ve lost enough,” comments. Because I look good, people think they have the right to set your journey perimeters. I have had to learn how to tell people, kindly and with patience, that this journey was never about how I looked. I started because of how unhealthy I was at my old weight. If I had been healthy at my old weight, there would have been no journey. THIS has never been about vanity. My sole purpose was to get rid of medications, and pain, and all the things that made me feel old. The way I look is a side benefit. When I, and my doctor, agree that I have the optimum health n7mber you can achieve with my ailments, maintenance begins. Report
Thank you Report
Good advice! Report
Very helpful and what I needed right now. Report
Thank you for this info - I've read it a few times! Report
So important to prioritize you and your health with all that you have going on. I always put myself last when raising my kids as a single parent and I wish I would have given myself time to take better care of myself! But it is never to late to have a new beginning.... Report
Great article! Thank you! Report
I have found that bringing my own food (to share, of course) to gatherings means that I am able to eat the right food with no problem. and often times, other people there will LOVE what I have brought with me and it becomes a win-win situation. Report
Thanks! Report

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