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4 Ways Being Selfish Can Help You Lose Weight


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Very good article. Report
This is a great article. I particularly appreciate the section on blow-back from friends and family for wanting to focus on yourself for a time, because when it's a departure from the norm, people don't like it.

I had this experience two years ago when I did my first Whole30, and no matter how many times I articulated and re-articulated why I was staying home and focusing on myself, my brother's girlfriend continued to get offended that I wasn't going out and drinking with her.

Everyone deserves some time to focus on themselves to improve health and develop the habits that will make the changes sustainable. Boundaries are not selfish, they're self-preservation. Report
I do have to remember to put myself first. Not an easy task. Report
Thanks Report
Very informative Report
True, yet it’s difficult to put myself before my family. Report
i certainly agree Report
So many things to practice Report
Gives me some things to think about. Thanks so much! Report
Thanks for this article Report
Thanks Report
Self is important! Report
Interesting article and interesting title, but it is not selfish but taking care of ones self. Report
Always helps to have a friend along for the ride Report
thank you Report

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