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4 Ways Being Selfish Can Help You Lose Weight


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Great Article Report
I really question the title of this article, who is being selfish when a group of so called friends wants you do do something with negative health effects, particularly when they know you are working toward positive health effects? Who is selfish when they want you to veg out on the couch, instead of exercising? Seems like the selfishness is coming from the other side. Report
I don’t call the periods when I am working on my plan or goals selfish any more, I call them self interest. I am looking out for my self interest and if that makes me appear selfish in your eyes, I am okay with that. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Good ideas. Report
Awesome...thanks!! Report
As hard as it is, I feel I can finally do this. Thank you. Report
What I said before! Report
Being selfish was the surest way to get shamed when I was young. It took a lot of relearning to get over that. Report
If you don't love yourself, how can you expect others to love you? Report
Self-caring is not selfish really. Report
What surprised me most is the fact that the more successful my journey has become, the less support I am receiving IRL. It’s like they feel my success somehow makes them seem like they failed. It is not one me to make you feel good. My journey was to improve my life and, more importantly, my health,

I have become selfish about guarding that. It’s one reason that I no longer discuss my journey unless directly asked. Report
If I don't be myself, who will do it for me? The Torah

You have to take care of yourself first or you will be unable to care for others, like taking the breathing bag first on the airplane! Report
Thank You............. Report
Great article! Thanks! Report

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