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Why Joining a Gym Shouldn't Be Your New Year's Resolution


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Thanks Report
Ok Report
Good advice. Report
good advise Report
I am lucky and have a home gym. Report
I dropped the gym with the virus but would have anyway. I found on-line exercises that make it MUCH easier to work out at home. My cost this year is $13--next year it will likely be $149 but still less than 3 months of the gym. Report
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Thank You...…... Report
Belonged to several gyms over a few years I will be 78 in March ansd find that I do better on my own now. When I was younger and belonged to a gym In Toronto where there was a trainer at all times it was great. When I first joined the gym heere in Nova Scotia there was a personal trainer who made herself avaiable if you needed her but after she left there was no one to go to for help Report
Joining a gym is really easy-actually getting there and working out is a lot harder. Report
Great information! Report
Absolutely great Report
Thanks Report
I hated going to the gym. Germs from people sweat grossed me out Report

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