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Is Canned, Fresh or Frozen Your Best Grocery Bet?


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Healthful lifestyle! Report
I guess I didn't realize fresh isn't necessarily the freshest. Makes sense! Report
Canned are fine, you can rinse some, but in 2020, there are no salt versions, it is not like the old days! And they don’t go bad like many of our fresh veggies and fruits do, because we “think” we love that stuff, but change our minds, in reality. Report
Fresh is best! Report
Fresh is best. Then I use frozen fruit and veggies when not in season. Canned has too much salt. Report
Fresh is best. Then I use frozen when not in season. Report
Excellent advice. Report
I love having my freezer full of fruit and veggies. I often make a veggie stew in crock pot with lots of frozen veggies. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
thank you Report
try for fresh when I can or sometimes I buy fresh and freeze or get frozen Report
I always have frozen vegetables on hand. Report
I will eat fresh fruits and veggies in season, otherwise the only canned products I will buy are occasional cans of hominy or other beans. Even that, I prefer to use the dry beans, soak and cook.

god information.

Quote: Frozen vegetables can cost twice as much as canned varieties, but they're still less expensive than their fresh counterparts per pound, especially when purchasing organic varieties.

My experience is that my vegetables are equal in price or even cheaper when I buy frozen, given that there's virtually no wastage with the frozen veg, whereas fresh veg has to be trimmed and cleaned.
And, the frozen veg is probably much fresher than the "fresh" veg from the shelf!

The end of the comment about "organic" - I'll ignore that, for myself.
Organic is out of my price range, and at my age (66) I'm probably beyond help as far as "better" nutrition from organics is concerned!
Sorry - I should not use the word "organics" - I think it has a whole lot of new meanings nowadays, including stuff for shampoo, make up, etc.
I buy both fresh and frozen. I have found many great items in the frozen food aisle and have recently started eating frozen fruits. They are amazingly delicious and especially the tropical ones. Report

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