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It's Time to Drop the Word 'Diet' From Your Vocabulary


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This is a great article! Thank you for explaining that "diet" has changed its meaning over the years. Report
Thank you! Report
I am on a plant based live-it! Report
It's your perspective really Report
I raise my glass of smoothie in toast to a healthier lifestyle. Report
thanks Report
The wort diet means the food we eat. Somehow it's meaning changed to eating special food to eat to lose weight. We all have a diet. Report
Did you notice that statistic? Seventy percent are overweight. The "low fat, eat 6 small meals a day" social experiment failed miserably. The Standard American Diet is indeed SAD. Report
Very insightful! What we speak Becomes our reality. Great food for thought Report
I haven't used the word "diet" since I started Spark. I say I am on a healthy and fit lifestyle journey! The word "diet" is temporary and "healthy and fit " is forever. It has worked for almost 3 years now. Report
AMEN to that! Report
It's all in how you look at it. A 'diet' is just a food plan. Problem is there are those who think it needs to be totally restrictive. Not so. Eat healthy & wisely. Report
Very helpful. Thank you! Report

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