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It's Time to Drop the Word 'Diet' From Your Vocabulary


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AMEN to that! Report
It's all in how you look at it. A 'diet' is just a food plan. Problem is there are those who think it needs to be totally restrictive. Not so. Eat healthy & wisely. Report
Very helpful. Thank you! Report
It’s the food you normally eat Report
Great advice. Report
Great advice! Report
Diet is more of a long term change of behaviors. It should become a lifestyle and not a short term goal. Report
I'm going to take the challenge starting today, and for one month not use the word that sounds like the 1521 meeting in Worms, Germany re Martin Luther, which many believe was the mark indicating the foundation for The Reformation was set in concrete. Report
"What you eat." Not what the computer changed it to. Report
Plain and simple diet is what u out eat. What you choose makes it good or bad. Report
Good plan Report
good advice! Report
thanks Report
I totally agree Report
Awesome...thanks! Report

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