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5 Ways to Turn Your Side Salad Into a Satisfying Supper


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I'm a MAJOR salad eater, literally eat 1-2 C of lettuce almost every night. When I was a teacher, a quick meal would be one of those bags of salad. I kept my dressing in the teachers' lounge, slit off the corner of the bag, poured in some dressing, massaged it around, pulled open on side & voila: lunch. Often had a string cheese and some fruit with it. Cheap, fast, handy, nutritious. Report
Salads are great. Report
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Great ideas! Report
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I find it hard to believe that most people who use oil and vinegar (ie, me) use 3 or 4 tablespoons. I use 1 tablespoon (I measure it) of olive oil. Some of us are aware, and use it not because we are clueless about calories but because it tastes better than bottled dressings. Report
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Thanks for that. Some good advice to follow. Report
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Some great ideas here. Report

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