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Healthier Ways to Eat Dessert

Smart Substitution: Dessert


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Fruit bars are the best for me. Report
thanks.... Report
Good article Report
I have a popsicles form & I make my own popsicles, out of my home made green drink. Delicious & healthy, too! (Recipe on my new blog today, 10-18-17) Report
Did everyone forget Greek yogurt and berries? Report
Good ideas! Report
The basic ideas still's doing them forever that messes us up, and why we are all still here.....😉😉😉 Report
thanks for the good ideas Report
Making a protein cupcake with my protein powder, cocoa, almond milk, baking powder and a little sweetener is mine. Report
As a general rule, I keep it out of the house and my kids treats are off limits. One of my favorite ways to enjoy a special dessert if we go out for dinner is to share with someone at the table. Then I can enjoy every bite of my half! Works like a charm. Report
Great info. Love fruit bars. Report
Great info. Love fruit bars. Report
I run a child care so sweets are always coming into my house I have learned to make all kinds of cakes with pumpkin and protein powder its low calorie and devils food is my fav. I bake a batch of muffins then freeze the rest. spice cake mix 1 can of pumpkin shredded carrots and raisons is super yummy also plus kids love these in all flavors (without frosting as well) Report
Love fruit bars! Yum, lots of good suggestions! Report

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