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Navigating the New Nordic Diet


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Very interesting piece. I see the resemblance to the Mediterranean diet; I just wonder about the suggestion to use rapeseed oil instead of olive oil. I will have to research further. Report
thanks for sharing Report
I have never heard of this. Sounds interesting but I don't do "diets." Report
Good info. Report
Thank you for the informative article - I think I will give it a try! Report
Thank you for the info. Report
I am Danish. Grew up there. Our primary Nordic fats come from animals - full-fat dairy, lots of fish, and meats. Liver pate is eaten daily. We do not eat low-fat anything; we know better, and always have. We never used canola oil. We are not a sedentary people, as we bicycle and walk whenever we can, so we don't suffer the same obesity crisis as North Americans. I never had cereal as a child - we got 100% dark rye bread sliced then and toasted, slathered thickly in butter for breakfast, sometimes with a grated carrot-apple-raisin salad, or some radishes and cucumber. I never tasted peanut butter until I came to Canada at age 15.
Bah-humbug to food pyramids, a strategy by big Ag to get us to over-consume grains and plant oils. Report
Sadly, I am allergic to much of these, so it will be a no-go for me. Report
Yes, those last suggestions are wonderful. Report
Thank you Report
Good to know. Thanks Report
very informative - thank you Report
Interesting, growing up in Sweden,this "new" way is the way I grew up eating, sugary drinks ,candy and chocolate were treats once in a while. Report
Thank you.I had not heard of the Nordic diet but I do eat very much like that Report
Have a friend just got back from a trip to Iceland. She lost weight while on her holiday. All the meals were similar to Nordic with lots of fish and healthy veggies and a bit of fruit. Very few carbs. Report

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