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The Surprising Factor That Could Lead to Weight Loss Sabotage


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"You look great today"! Report
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People might mean well when saying something like , "Wow, you've lost a TON of weight! You look GREAT!" but that is truly cringe-worthy. What you hear is "You were so huge before and looked terrible, but now you're acceptable." The only compliment I want to hear - if someone insists on remarking on the results of my diet and exercise routine - is "Wow, you're looking really fit and healthy." No references to how you look better than you used to look, or the insinuation that you're more worthwhile now that you're thinner. Report
commenting on any adults (or childs) body unsolicited is never ok. Report
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Thank you. Report
great article Report
And this is precisely why no one should ever comment on physical appearance, period. Even if you think you're saying something complimentary, it's harmful to the other person! Besides, if you can't find something nice to say about someone that's not physically-related, then you're not really wanting to genuinely compliment them to start with Report
Great article! Report
Thanks Report
Thank you Report
Thank you. Some of the things that you said hit home. I see it now as my insecurities creeping in. Report

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