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Improve Your Self-Esteem with Journaling

Writing a Better You


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It's very easy to fall into the negative self talk trap. I find it helpful to remind myself to start with the spiritual picture first: I am a child of God through the cross. Everything else than falls into place. Every new day is a gift from God, embrace it! Report
I've thought about keeping a journal many times and just haven't committed to it. I think it's time to give it a serious go. This article was really helpful to me. I tend to have a lot of negative thoughts about myself and maybe this can help turn that around. Report
Negative self talk and not feeling worthy of loving self care is definitely my problem. I've been trying to establish a journal practice since starting this current journey at New Years. So far, have only done a couple of times. More to come this weekend. I will incorporate this self praise suggestion when I do. Report
Keeping a journal does not have to be a pen/pencil and a book. I find it incredibly difficult to hand-write anything for any length of time. So, I keep my journal on my computer. Not a blog, although I have those, too, but just a folder on my computer that only I have "rights" to. Hopefully, no one will ever read it or it will only be read when I am gone. It helps me pull stuff out of myself and write it down, I re-read to see if I made sense...and sometimes edit, when I don't think I'm accurately expressing how I feel about things.
Another valuable tool is to re-read older entries. You'd be surprised to see how you felt about something in the past and how your own attitudes might have changed.
All in all, keeping a journal, in whatever form it takes, is a valuable tool to improving yourself and finding your balance and center in this world. Good luck! Report
I really liked the artical Report
I find being complimentary about myself so difficult but this is a really good idea. I'll defnitely have to add the 5 things list to my journalling at the end of the day. Report
I have always been a writer, and to have a designated place and subject appears as though it will be very psitive. I have brain damage, and sometimes my mind just wanders (usually in conunction with my legs to the fridge). Will use this as a first line of defense against emotional/tired/eating for reasons other than hunger blocker. Report
Thank you for this idea. I've known for a long time my biggest problem is what I think and say of myself. This is a great idea. Hopefully it will teach me to say positive things about myself, instead ot the negative. Thank you.
Shouldn't have to make a blog private to avoid unwanted comments friendly or other wise. Should have a level of privacy button to protect ourselfs from unwanted comments to issues intended for own eyes in single issue blog.
If the button is there we would feel more safe. This privillege is enjoyed free on most other blog web sites. Sparkspeople clearly doesn't understand this need. Report
Definately something I need to do, I'm my worst enemy (wow....negative self talk again). I think I'll go buy me a pretty journal book and start tomorrow evening. Report
I love keeping a journal, it helps me to stay focused on my goals. Report
The easiest way to keep a journal is either to keep it and a pen by your bedside and include it as part of your pre-bed routine, or to carry a small one in your purse and write thoughts throughout the dy when you have a break. I have 54 journals. I'd have more if I wrote in them every day. ;-) Report
I have been journaling since June 1986. It has been a godsend (for lack of a better word at the moment). I can see how I've changed and grown in some areas and stayed the course in others. I always feel better after journaling and highly recommend it. Report
I disagree with the "this applies to all walks of life" on page 1, simply because my grandfather always graded his own children harder in his classroom than he did the other students who were not his children. My dad told me so. However, I'm grateful for this article overall! Report
That 's why I blog everyday, its keeps me in the guidelines of my plans and feed gives me encouragement by other members. Report

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