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6 Shockingly Simple Ways to Make Your Gear Last Longer


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This is a great article. I spray my gym clothes with peroxide and detergent mixture if I not going to wash them right away. I will lay them over the hamper to dry. When I wash, I use Tide Sport and I add a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar. It’s probably over kill, but no odor. Report
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Some care suggestions I hadn't thought of! Thanks. Report
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Great suggestions. Thanks! Report
On any of my sports tops that have a zip, I make sure I do the zip up, and turn it inside out, so that the zip is not acting like a flail against other clothing in the machine. Report
Buy good quality and take care of it. Report
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Weird article, like who sits around in their stinky sweaty clothing? Eww! I can't wait to pull my outfit off when I get home. Report
Good suggestions! Report

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