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All Is Not Lost

The Story of Overcoming Nutrition Mistakes


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We all stumble at some time. Fall down seven times, stand up eight! Report
That has happened to me before but the older I get my habits have been so much better. Thank G-d!! So far this year has gone very smoothly no booboos & I feel good about my choices!! Report
Good article Report
The lyrics of an old '60's song said "but that was yesterday and yesterday's gone". This is the attitude we need to adopt with respect to slips and stumbles. Report
So so so true. While losing weight I would have a blow out meal and then get right back on track. My weight loss was on the slow side, and that was ok. Now in maintenance I'm more relaxed and still go off rails sometimes when it comes to healthy choices. For me there are no inherently good or bad foods so no guilt. I weigh myself a couple of times a week and stay within a 4 pound range. Life has to be lived and have a big meal once in a while is part of life. Like the author I don't let it get me off track for the rest of the day, weekend, or week. Report
"like"!!!! Report
May I suggest that the day did NOT start off well, much less finish well? A breakfast of yogurt, bagel and lite cream cheese, and a grapefruit is 2 meals worth of food and a full lunch topped off with 2 cookies? Breakfast and lunch as described is realistically 1000+ calories, close to the 1200-1550 calories that should be eaten per day if trying to lose weight. But the message to get back up and try again is a good one and well taken. Report
Yep...I am mostly on my game but sometimes we eat things that maybe aren't so great for us. So what. As long as we consider these treats and we don't make these treats an every day occurrence, then it is okay. I know that there are some people who can't indulge in certain foods without the risk of falling into a binge but for me, the occasional treat is what makes this LIFESTYLE change doable. Report
Two questions: Is this the only "off" day you had all week? Then congrats, you made healthy choices 99 percent of the time. The fact that you didn't eat the whole dinner but only ate until satisfied and took the rest home was A HEALTHY CHOICE.
Is this new lifestyle about denying yourself from all food pleasures forevermore? Then you're bound to fail. This is not a black and white, all or nothing issue. It's about moderation and giving yourself the freedom to enjoy a night out every now and again and not feel guilty about it, but enjoy it for what it is. Report
Good article. I seems to eat a little more on friday night but get up on daturday and start a new day. Report
Wow, that is how I feel. since SP, if I overeat one day, I track and do not overeat the next day.. Before SP, if I overate one day, I would say, oh well, I may as well continue to overeat and the weight piles on. Thanks SP for all you do for us. Report
Wow I really needed to read this. I have been having a tough week, between July 4th and 4 birthday celebrations in my family I thought going into this week I would be hopeless. BUT there are two days left! Tomorrow is a new day and I will not waste it by being in misery! Report
Has Spark been spying on me and my husband?! This is so how our weekends go. Weekends really mess up my schedule and resolve. Plus, DH can eat anything and not gain weight. Report
I can relate to this so much! I'm trying to pick myself up from a few days of overindulging, and the longer it takes, the harder it gets. But I will pick myself up. And the next time it happen's I will try to get back on the wagon a little sooner! Report

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