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Improve Mental Toughness Before Trying to Lose Weight


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Thank you for the info! Report
Great information Report
Mental toughness isn't valued because most people can't see it. They just think you're being unreasonable. Report
definitely needed to read this. it's heped me 're-tool' my brain!!! Report
Great article! This is the real thing! No magic (except the one you create for yourself!)! Old -fashioned, sound thinking and hard work. Willingness! Accountability! Determination!

Somewhat reminds me of info put out by Steve Seibold, fat I especially like his free ebook. Beware, he’s pretty straightforward. Tough but real.

I agree that this road to change and health can be trying and hard, but brings brighter days and wonderful benefits. So worth it!

Spark on!
Thank you Report
Great article! Report
Thanks Report
Thanks Report
This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today.

Thank you so much. Report
thank you Report
thank you Report
I thought I was strong on previous times losing but I just is different this time. I'll never quit again. Report
Thanks Report

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