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5 Ways to Become a More Patient Dieter


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interesting article and comments Report
definitely great advice! thanks Report
i think i've read this article before Report
Good article. Sometimes I get tired of my food choices since I fall into the trap of eating the same foods all the time. What I used to do is go to the store and look around the produce, picking up something different I hadn't eaten in awhile. I haven't done that for awhile. I definitely have made it a life choice/change rather than a short-term "diet". I just like to eat healthier in general. Report
I’m losing weight to be healthy and I go at it full force, but it’s honestly that very first comment, “Hey, are you losing weight?”, or “Wow, you’re looking great”, that makes me feel like it’s all been worth it. I have always, always been a slow loser, and when I hit that dreaded plateau, that’s the all time hardest. Report
The first way to make long term weight loss successful is to completely drop the diet mentality all together. You want to create a new lifestyle. One you can do not just to lose but to live. Report
thanks Report
Great suggestions. Report
Good information. Report
Thanks for the suggestions. Report
good suggestions Report
Thank you! I need to read this over and over. Engrave it on my brain! Report
Good article but trying to lose weight is pretty tough. Report
Thanks Report
Thanks Report

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