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4 Ways to Fix Your Squat to Reduce Knee Pain


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I had my right knee replaced 11 years ago and am very careful to exercise correctly for both of my knees. I don't want to have another replacement even though the one I had was very successful. Report
I would like to see more TRX exercise demos. Report
thanks Report
Thank you. I really needed that. Report
Excellent Report
This was incredibly helpful. Report
Fantastic article and thanks for the videos! I called my sister and she is going to try doing this when she sits on a chair or couch.
When my 96 yr old DH was in PT, they had him sit and stand without using his hands 50 times from a solid chair. Same principle as the box. They even had him using a step-stool in preparation to help him get up from the floor. If a 96 yr old with 2 artificial knees could do it, then I can too. Report
Thanks Report
Timely information. Report
thank you Report
I don't have a problem with my knees but I have a friend who does. I will be sure to share this one with her. Report
Thanks. I will give these a try on my tired old knees Report
Good information. I have problems with knees. Report

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