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4 Ways to Fix Your Squat to Reduce Knee Pain


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Thanks for sharing. Report
This does help Report
thanks Report
Squats, when done in proper form, are one of the best exercises, in that your carrage of weight (body weight, adjustable or static resistance) remains constant across the natural plains of gravity. Report
Great ones except for the one where a machine is needed. Report
Good article Report
I am recovering for bilateral knee replacement and this article was very useful, as I am trying exercises to strengthen my leg muscles. Thank you. Report
Painful looking! Report
Inflammation causes most of my pain Report
you can modify squats. I have fibromyalgia and lupus. I just do them to what i can do Report
i have a feeling i have read this before Report
I was very glad this article was posted, since it re-enforces what I have always believed. I have never allowed pain to stop me from doing anything, and I have found over the years that I had very bad hips (in fact, before I had them both replaced, the doctor told me I should have been in a wheelchair for years!), that if I keep moving is helps control it.. I found that working through the pain actually lessened it in a few hours, so I did it every day. I do the same with my knees, I just keep walking and moving until the pain is tolerable. Report

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