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8 Trainers Share Their Favorite Resistance Band Exercises


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I am currently going through physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around my knee. Bands give great resistance and you can adjust the amount simply by shortening or lengthening the band/tube. Report
Great Report
Thanks but I hate the bands! Report
Just what I needed! I'm about to travel abroad for two months, so won't be able to do my usual workout at the gym, and can't carry along heavy dumbbells. Hope the resistance band workouts will help keep me in shape until I get back to my regular routine! Report
Helpful Report
Some men may laugh at these, but I love them for when I travel out of town, about every other month. I can use them up in my room and get in a quick workout in the mornings or use them when I'm bored at night. Report
Keep the bands away from your face. With or without handles they can snap back and hurt you.
Some of these are mire complicated than the ones I do. I stick to basics but might try a couple. Report
Bought myself s band. WoiHoo Report
Better uses than I have been doing. Report
Very good exercises especially when we travel. Light and easy to carry. Report
Thanks; I have these things but needed more ideas on how to use them. The adductor bridge exercise is one my PT told me to do to strengthen the muscles around my knees. Report
awesome...thanks... Report
i will have to try these Report
I have resistance bands the flat ones I needed to read this to find ways to use them Thank you for the useful information. Report
I mainly use my bands when travelling. These exercises are great! Report

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