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Before & After Photo Contest Winners

Loving the Way You Look


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Great ad for the "Santa Fe" but no contest winner photos came after it. Report
I thought the second place winner should of won by those pics, but your all winners for losing the weight congrats! Report
Congratulations and thank you, for inspiring me! Report
Congratulations! Report
Congratulations to the winners. I didn't know about the contest; but I was 237 pounds and now I go to a nutritionist and she want me to gain weight, now. Congratulations again to each of you and to all and all the SPP people because each of you are winners because you are doing the best for each one of you. Keep doing a great job to make your life healthier. Report
It's great for the winners. I would wonder about a comment made in the article on the first place winners that they didn't use a "gimmick" like Atkins. I had Atkins recommended to me by two of my area's leading physicians. And it's working great. Studies show a low carbohydrate diet leads to more pounds lost than any other approach. Also, there are many Atkins sites on the Spark. So when you write that it's a gimmick, you are writing off a large portion of Spark users. Thanks, Glenn Report
Are these people the current - 2011 - winners? There are comments from 2009 on here. If these are not the current winners, who are the new winners & where is the updated article????? Report
Its definitely a motivating thing to see the success of others. There are so many wonderful stories of accomplishment on Spark People! Report
So encouraging... The timing of this article was more than perfect. Neatest part is reading re: the difference that losing weight makes... Congratulations! Report
Congratulations to all the winners!

I'm disappointed that Kitt52 was not a winner. She is a great Sparker and she's lost a lot of weight. She inspires so many. She'll always be a winner to me! Report
Kind of sad that Kitt52 wasn't chosen -- she has lost over 200 lbs thanks to Spark and the transformation is amazing. She is an inspiration to a lot of people and it would have been fitting to recognize her in this contest.
It's amazing how reading inspirational stories like these can affect you so positively! Thanks for sharing!!! Report
This is great!! Such an inspiration. Report
I love that Matt and Denise were in this article. Their six years of dedication and persistence are truly inspiring. Having started at over 150 pounds to lose, I'm going to be depending on SparkPeople for a long time. It's terrific to see how successful folks can be with the long-term support of the Spark community! Report

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