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Is a Toxic Work Environment Sabotaging Your Health?


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Great article! Report
In a place that has few jobs it is hard to be in such a toxic workplace, I think high stress jobs become like that after a while. I am ever so glad to be retired and away from the mess Report
agreed Report
Worked in a place that personified all the points in this article. So glad I am out. Report
Great article. Thank you! Report
Several points I hadn't really consciously considered Report
I now have allergies as a result of working in public service and dealing with patients who came in to the clinic wreaking of cigarette smoke and tobacco! .... On a daily basis .... I was hoarse often as a result .... and am I GLAD to be retired now! ..... (I have choices of who I wish to be around, unlike the workplace ..... also no longer subjected to perfumes and heavy stinky fragrances. So DONE. Report
Thanks. Report
Used to have to deal, but now I'm retired. Do not have to put up with any of it. Report
helpful Report
thank you Report
good read Report
I know my previous job did. Report
Great article Report

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