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Is a Toxic Work Environment Sabotaging Your Health?


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Properly identifying the "problem" is over half of the solution Report
This was a much needed read after a stressful day. I'm in a position where I have much flexibility (substitute teacher) but I've noticed toxic environments many times. It is a stressful field. Report
I do needed to read this article. Its time fir me to remove my self. Report
Wow - this article describes my job in healthcare. I look at new grads and've got years ahead in this profession. Best advice: plan well so you can choose to leave early. Report
I needed to read this today. I just resigned from a toxic work environment. The negativity and lack of teamwork ate at my very sole.
I am starting a new position on Thursdays yet, was still carrying guilt for leaving such an environment. I am a positive person and the environment that I just left consumed my life. I am glad I was able to recognize the negativity and move on before it was to late. Report
Good read! If the horse has been dead for 10 years, it's time to dismount!!! Report
Telling people that they simply have to "change their mindset" smacks of victim blaming.

A toxic work environment isn't an "opportunity for growth." Report
So glad I am out of the toxic workplace I was in for almost 20 years. It was ok except for the last four, with the hiring of a new supervisor. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
A far greater problem than most realize and one that many are willing to accept if only because "I need the money" Report
One of the reasons I quit! Report
Great article! Report
Great article. Thanks Report
So happy I'm retired Report
Great article, thanks! Report

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