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Is a Toxic Work Environment Sabotaging Your Health?


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Absolutely ! I got so stressed from a toxic boss I quit as an RN at 43 and never worked again. Report
I honestly think some people are invested with wreaking havoc and causing misery. I try to keep them at a distance and my interactions short. Thank you for the tips! Report
thanks Report
My previous job was just like this. I could tell that it wasn't the best environment but I needed a job after 6 months of unemployment. There was a lot of bickering and harassment. One of my managers was very quick to harass me daily because she simply didn't like me.

I had tried keeping to myself and just doing my job but some people just like seeing others suffer and creating the bad environment. When I would try to talk to my other managers about it they just told me that was the way that manager was or would defend her saying she was good at her previous position. Also I had to be up before dawn which trashed my sleep since I am more of a night person. I had to deal for 6 months until I got to leave for another job. Report
It sure does Report
I have been through a couple of toxic work environments. 2 of them I quit, the last one was for the store that I worked (I worked there for 31 years) at one point we got a new store owner who was really not nice, unless you were in his ‘clique’. Couldn’t even say good morning, or how are you....well, I was unionized, thank God, and the work conditions were good, so I and several others touched him out. At one point the head office and company owners through him out for theft. Wasn’t at all surprised. We eventually got a new owner, a Czechoslovakian immigrant who was the nicest man ever, he was hard, but fair...I had to leave in 2016 after a 3 year fight with salary insurance and cut down hours because I could no longer stand. Report
So glad I am retired and don’t have to put up with workplaces like that! Report
With a new principal, my work environment shifted overnight from extraordinarily supportive to toxic. With the help of my therapist and the ability to retire early, I stayed healthy for the three years to retirement. Report
so glad I no longer work in a place that has all these traits. Report
I've read that sometimes the traits in others that drive us the most batty at work are traits that we dislike most in ourselves. I try to remind myself that everyone is going through something, and I'm not the behavior police. I don't gossip and rarely know what's going on with the majority of coworkers. And I've learned that's okay. As my mom always says, I'm there to earn a living, not make everybody my friend. If I do make friends, that's just icing on the cake. Report
It's hard to ignore toxic people sometimes. Especially when they work in your department Report
Great article. I like the practical strategy of using a landmark on my commute to shift my mind from work to home. I am on vacation now and have been reflecting on how to make this next academic year more enjoyable. How can I navigate a toxic departmental environment? I plan to avoid negative and passive-aggressive colleagues as much as possible. I plan to focus on my work and do it to the best of my ability. I plan to celebrate my successes and seek out others who are committed to being part of the solution. I will do everything in my power to avoid gossip. And, I will try to leave work at work. Report
Good info Report

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