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5 Things You Must Do If You've Given up on Fitness Before


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Thanks Report
Thanks. Report
Thanks Report
Patience and persistence Report
Great article, thank you Report
Great article. Report
Short bursts of exercise work for me. Report
Thank you! Report
I keep telling myself,” 30 minutes a day, that’s not too much to ask of myself “ seems to be working. Anything I do with the rest of my day is like icing on the cake, haha. Nice article, Thanks for sharing. Report
Things to remember. Report
Great Report
thanks for the refresher Report
My biggest problem has the couple of guys who come on to me and won't take no for an answer. The first was in my martial arts class where I was not permitted to wear my wedding ring. 20 years later, at the Y, some lonely guy assumed I was available because I talked to the men. It was after work and I was the only woman there. That was 20 years ago. Report
Good info. Thanks for sharing. Report

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