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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Biting Into a Snack


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Very picky about my snacks, mostly nuts and fruit Report
I usually like fruit as snack but maybe need to add some protien Report
THX for reminder! Report
Good article.

I bought some portion pack snack size baggies and use them. They have the portion sizes marked so they help when trying to eat a certain amount. I had also belonged to a company that sends snacks once or twice a month, but most of them were high carb so I stopped the subscription. Report
It's easier not to snack. Fewer decisions. Report
Great information. Report
Some good info but a person shouldn't snack... look for the reasons you do, then try to eliminate. Report
Good article. I would add that it helps to plan for snacks everyday, deciding on time and type. By planning you can be sure to have healthy food conveniently on hand. Report
Indeed, great points to consider before putting a snack in your mouth! Report
If I get into the mindless munching, the worst thing I get into is pretzel sticks. Very low in calories and I can much on one serving and I'm good. The rest of the time it's crunchy fruit. Report
Thanks for the great tips! Report
Thanks. I try to eat something every couple 3 hrs. to keep the metabolism even throughout the day. Report
Call it a snack or a mini meal, I eat thruout the day & evening always chosing a combo of at least two food groups. There are so many choices! Love grazing, I think it's healthy & keeps my blood sugar level along w/ other hormones. Report
Good suggestions! Report
Thanks Report

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