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How to Get Over Feeling Like Everyone Is Watching You Work Out


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Not sure if I've posted this before. I got a kickboxing Groupon to try it out, and thought i'd be the oldest, largest, shortest, most uncoordinated. A) I was none of the above - at least not that bad and B) everyone is so focused on their form/workout that they could care less. And sometimes I am the oldest :). Report
LABGIRL8, you are showing your age bias with your comment. Why should it matter what ages people are when they talk together? Why assume an "older man" is possibly hitting on the "young girl"? Maybe they know each other. Would you have assumed the same thought if it had been an "older woman" talking to a "younger boy" to use your language example? Why notice that? Most of us go to a gym to exercise and not make judgments. Guess you don't. Report
If I'm looking at you at the gym, (and I probably am because it gets boring on the elliptical) I'm probably thinking "Gee, that's cute workout outfit. I wonder where she got it?" or "You go, Girl!" or even "Wow! He's cute. Darn, he's talking to that young girl who wishes that old guy would leave her alone." Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
Thanks Report
No one really cares what you are doing. Report
I guess one blessing of being blind is that I don't notice what others are looking at! I've been told many do look at me by someone who thinks everyone is always looking at her and a perfectionist! I don't care if people are looking at me and I know I am not perfect when it comes to working out! I hope that if people are staring it is because I inspire them to reach beyond their imagined limits and just work out! I ask for help and I ask questions. Am I sweating too much? what does that even mean? I hope I am sweating!! I also feel people are too worried about how they look to worry about how I look! and, if they are staring in some mean spirited way, well that is their problem, not mine, right? Report
This article is the reason that I don't go as much as I should. Honestly, I am embarrassed at how I have gained weight coming from being at 17 percent body fat. It gives me anxiety going to the gym. I have injuries that I have to also watch out for. I have gone from being in great shape knowing it may take me a year to lose it. I am paying for two memberships and not working right now and, I am so vain and I know this song is about me. Now I am gonna suck it up and just go. I will say that I dislike all of the older men of men gawking . Please don't judge me...these are thoughts in my head. Now online. My letter to the abuser who turns out to be me. Report
“Easier said than done.” Report
Great points here, but to be fair, if you have a history of being the victim of extreme bullying it is difficult. No secret That today people can be very cruel. (Model- mathers public shaming of unsuspecting woman...). But we just have to rise above it. Report
"Generally" speaking, although many people may look at you in the gym, most people (at least those above age 30) are thinking "at least he/ she is making an effort". If you have a choice of gyms in your area, go to the gyms and assess if the crowd includes less fit and/or older people. Also, look at the class schedule--a fitness center that includes classes like "Gentle Yoga", or "Seniorcize" classes indicate that they are responding to more than the young and perfectly fit. When you are working out with equipment that you are not used to and suddenly you notice more people than normal looking at you, consider that perhaps you are not using the equipment correctly and ask one of the employees for a refresher on how to use. Many gym members don't want to tell someone that they are using equipment incorrectly because that is sometimes met with an angry response by the person using the equipment, but yet watch because they might notify gym personnel if you really are going to hurt yourself.

So, yes, people are going to look at you--it is just human nature. But, not all looks are condemning looks. Let's face it -- you are looking at people too (otherwise you wouldn't notice people looking at you), so it goes both ways. Report
To me it was never a hindrance to my progress. I am a senior citizen and ex-LEO. I had been in all kind of hostile situation and environment so nothing bothered me. I went to the gym for one purpose only. So I put in my custom ear plug and masking tape on top to tune out everything, breath and let my blood flowed to the muscles working. My wife said I looked awful with my tape covering my ears and my face contorted but I told her it didn't matter as long as I continued to progress and improved. It was the people who hulk up a bench or machine with water bottle and talking in the phone that others didn't like and stared at all the time. Report
Interesting thoughts! But realistically, some of us really do have reason to not feel comfortable walking or jogging in public, going to any gym where many people are preening at themselves in the mirrors or eyeing each other’s fancy gym wear . Especially if a person is really overweight. That really is our society, and that is just the way life is. Pooh poohing it and telling us to ignore it doesn’t help. Report
Truth is, each indifvidual is more concerned w/themselves then anyone else! Report

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