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11 Weight-Loss Rules Meant to Be Broken


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thank you Report
Interesting...thanks... Report
To be successful in this health journey you will break every one of those goals Report
interesting article. Some things I do question though Report
interesting.. thanks. Report
some obvious but others make you think Report
In 2000, I started following a 1500-calorie diabetic eating plan. It was so easy, I was doing a lot of walking and the pounds rolled off. A friend asked how I did it. She was shocked when I told her it was just a simple plan and I still got ice cream every night. Report
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Good need-to-know information! Report
Great read!!!
i think this article is missing some other important components of loosing weight and that is over the years weight loss has been one of the most important issues and topics worldwide and with that being said i came across this great read article about a product review which will give you an understanding of loosing weight or loosing fat check it below and give it a read!!!

personally, i disagree with numbers 4 and 11--those do not work for me... number 4: i front load my calories earlier in the day... when i eat later in the day/at night, i gain weight... that being said, i do not have breakfast everyday... i used to almost never have breakfast... i now have breakfast a few days a week because i need breakfast to get in my nutrition--fruits, veggies, protein, etc... number 11: i weigh myself every morning and every night... i did this for years and it helped me maintain my weight... a time came when i began to listen to everybody else telling me that it's not good to weigh myself daily--so i stopped... and i gained weight... now that i am back to weighing myself first thing in the morning and last thing at night, my weight is back down... i lost 9 pounds this summer... one more pound and i will be at my goal: 119 lbs... mis dos centavos... adelante'... Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report

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