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The 5 Best Foods to Eat for Joint Health


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great article. Thanks for sharing Report
Thank you for the great tips in this article. They are very helpful. Report
Great article! Report
Good need-to-know information, thanks! Report
Hubby's ortho doc recommended Osteo Bi-Flex taken along with Tumeric capsules for his arthritic knees. Seems to help, he's not limping or gimping on it nearly as much and makes sure we buy a new bottle when he's about to run out. I also fully believe food can be medicine. Hit all bases in other words. Clean up eating, take supplements, focus on foods that can help. Report
@7STIGGYMT I'm glad you saw this article and wondered if your doctor recommended trying to reverse joint damage through changes to your diet. I take glucosamine toi Report
Interesting article Report
This article was written in 2017. I've read many studies that have suggested for joint health, a person stop eating diary because it's considered inflammatory. So far from my reading, the fatty fish and dark leafy greens are spot on, but the jury is still out for diary. too many conflicting opinions. Report
I find turmeric is helpful at maintaining joint health.
I have golden milk, a turmeric concoction with a tablespoon of turmeric in it every other day.
It is hard to get enough just using it as spice for food.
Some people take capsules to make sure they get enough to be effective Report
i have awful knee pain often. I think my left knee needs replaced. I stretch it out everyday to help with the discomfort Report
Great article! Even after bilateral total knee replacements, I still have knee pain (especially in left knee), which is more due to the tendons/ligaments, than the knee. Even tendons need good nutrition and movement. The warm water therapy pool where I work is the best place for my exercise - aqua core 2x a week. My joints love it! Report
very good information thanks Report
Thanks Report
Great article! Report
Great ideas, thanks Report

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