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Never Say Never With These 5 Plus-Size Workout Modifications

You Can Do It, Regardless of Size


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I really needed to see this today... Report
Good need-to-know information! Excellent read! Report
Thank you.
Now for sure, no one has an excuse not to be healthy Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Good info Report
Good to Know Report
Great article Report
Loved this quote, "All bodies are good bodies, and your worth and capabilities are not measured by the numbers on the scale." Thank you for that. Report
Good article with a lot of information and encouragement! Report
Thank you so much for using a realistic model. There are very heavy members at my gym who can outrun just about everyone on the treadmills at any given time. Power to them, I love it! Report
SparkPeople, y'all are so funny. I have never found support for any of this crap - just laughter and ridicule. I'll stick with Leslie Sansone and Richard Simmons and continue to stay in the house. Report
Interesting suggestions.I am a few pounds away from going into the "overweight" group. What stopped me was not weight but bad knees. Here , also, is the work modifications.Pilates? I have debated on trying a class at wellness center but the other exercises are not future. Report
It's nice to see plus size subjects in the images. Now if all the articles could have some diversity in their images that would be even better. Report

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