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Seeing is Achieving

Picture Weight Loss Success With Visual Cues


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ive never taken before/after pictures after weight loss. I don't even think about it actually Report
Great article. I will be re-reading this one! Report
I like to take photos as I lose weight and feel that I look better in certain clothes... that seems to spur me on. Report
I was hoping this article would be a bit more in-depth. My main source of motivation right now, is being able to put on smaller and smaller sizes. I love that! I also like to use Model My Diet to make pictures of what I might look like when I'm slimmer. It really helps me to see the future! Report
Visual cues are important, but I have personally found that a multisensory approach worked best for me. What got me to lose weight was a song that evoked a memory which in turn triggered some powerful emotions. For my visual reference, my husband's "pinup girls" in the "man cave" where I keep my exercise equipment reminded me of what I used to look like when I was young, fit, and healthy, and inspired me to keep pushing myself. Lastly, working out helps me feel myself becoming stronger and fitter, which keeps me motivated. Report
thank you Report
Awesome article! Report
Gotta try this Report
Thank you! Report
Good aticle Report
I used negative images on my frig needless to say that didn't work. I will try positive images this time. Report
Trouble with visuals, after awhile, you really don't pay attention anymore, useful at first though...just like reading cutesy quotes, after awhile they don't register at all. You need to look inward, and that gets tiresome.... Report
Thanks for the advice! I'm going to write everything down and gather some photos. Great article! Report
Thanks for drawing my attention back to the visual messages about health that are near my computer. I have a jeweled wire note card stand with an affirmation about well-being. There is also a watercolor miniature of a radiant being above the affirmation. It got moved out of the way recently. Now it is close to computer where I easily see it. Report

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