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8 Aisles to Avoid at the Grocery Store


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Good ideas, but over simplified. Others have said and I agree, you miss good food by following this list to tightly. Report
Thank you Report
Good need-to-know information! Report
Pretty good info for the new Spark people. Most of us veterans know this but having a refresher can be helpful. As for the perimeter, ‘they’ know you are using this rule but watch out for silly packaged yogurts, flavored milks, and things labeled ‘lite’ because it ain’t necessarily so. And , oh yeah, I think Trader Joe’s has plenty of good clean food. And it’s fun !!! Report
Staying out of the cereal area how will you get your oat meal
pop area no bottled water
bread are you going to eat your sandwich in your hand
i think we need to be smart and make a list if i shopped like the article says to my cart would be empty .
the sentence that says don't go shopping hungry is the only thing i agree with sorry. and it looks they shopped at Trader Joe's . it a set up all its own. Report
awesome...thanks! Report
Although I agree with the suggestions of not shopping when hungry and loading up on produce first, I think a lot of this is really kind of overly simplistic. There ARE wholesome foods in these aisles; for instance:
1) The Soft Drink Aisle contains the calorie-free seltzer and flavored sparkling waters Barbe recommends (as well as diet sodas for people who can't live without it.)
2) The Chip and Packaged Snack Aisle -- Nuts, such as Emerald 100-Calorie-paks of almonds are an ideal, nutritious snack -- and they are found in this aisle. If the snacks are already pre-portioned, you're less likely to eat too much of them. I don't think DIY is always the best option -- or the most practical.
3.) Cereals are NOT ALL "full of artificial colors and flavorings, overdoses of sweeteners." There are many very healthy ones, such as All-Bran, Grape Nuts, Wheat Germ, and oatmeals (plain, or at least sugar-free.) A bowl of one of these NUTRITIOUS cereals is a great way to start the day: quick, convenient, and full of fiber and protein.
4) Bread and Baked Goods Aisles: Where else are you going to find Dave's Killer Bread or Ezekiel bread, hmmm? Certainly not in the toothpaste aisle! (Although I agree with staying away with nasty spongy white bread -- yuck -- and sugary treats.)

The bottom line is that you have to READ THE LABELS to determine whether a particular food fits into your diet or not. But don't just avoid whole sections of the supermarket; you'll be missing out if you do. Report
This by far is one of the best articles that I have read on food and shopping. I like the idea to shop like you would "plate" the food... I hadn't thought about that, but it really would be beneficial. THANKS! Report
This article mentions a link to healthier breakfast ideas other than cereal, but then doesn't provide the link. Report
The only things I go for in the soft drink aisle are seltzer and on occasion, Zevia. I have learned that not shopping while thirsty or just wanting something to drink is as dangerous for me as shopping while hungry is for others.

Other than that, I don't shop like anyone else; developed my own style years ago. I also do my produce last since that's usually most important to me. Report
I am a quick shopper, down through the fish and produce aisle, up through the flour spices aisle, ignore the meat cases, have home grown meat in the freezer, down the cat food aisle, then up the dairy aisle to get my yogurt and OJ, usually I make yogurt but been short of time lately. I mostly grow my own veggies, fruit, berries. Report
I must try harder to avoid the inner aisles Report
thank you Report
Great tips Report

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