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How to Eliminate Muscle Cramps

You Can Prevent this Problem


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good points Report
thanks. i am still working on perfecting this one Report
thank you
Great information, thanks. Report
Good info. Thanks Report
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I found that natural calm also helps with my cramps that I get my legs and feet. Those are so painful and I also add potassium too since I know that I don't get enough of that too.. Report
support hos help sometimes Report
Well here's a weird one. My parents owned a restaurant/bar and the floors were concrete. Even with fatigue pads behind the bar, my mother would wake up with hideous leg cramps most nights. A nurse told her to take a cup of oatmeal and soak it in about a cup of water overnight. In the morning, drain off the liquid and toss it back in one gulp. It's not tasty btw. She did it, and it cured her leg cramps. Now, I suspect that was just because of the natural magnesium. I take a couple teaspoons of Natural Calm with Calcium in a short glass of warm'ish water (much tastier) and it has taken care of my leg cramps. Report
Cross country skiing is great if you live in a small country.
- Steven Wright Report
I get muscle cramps but have figured out I cannot cheat and not stretch after a workout or I will pay. Report
Lately I have been getting cramps in my legs, mostly nocturnal wake ups. I make sure I take lots of magnesium, D3 K2, calcium, Co Q 10. I was tested for vitamin and mineral deficiency and was okay. They occur from the knee down, Can be in the ball of the foot, ankle, but are mostly in the hamstrings. Then I started to get twitchy feeling in my lower legs, rapid firing mini cramps which go away as soon as I get up and walk around on them, but hard to do 24/7. I wouldn't call it restless leg syndrome as they don't fit that pattern. Just a mystery. I also can't exercise as vigorously as I used to without injuring something. I don't see an answer in this article. Nothing I have looked into offers any explanation. I find it interesting to read people's comments. I appreciate Sparkpeople's very informative articles! Report
When I get muscle cramps I take a heaping spoonful of mustard - the kind you put on a sandwich. Works EVERY time for me. Have been doing this for years and it's never failed me. Don't know why it works, but it works for me. In fact, I always carry the little pouches of mustard with me in my purse, just in case!!! I also have several pouches on my bedside table when I occasionally get a cramp in the middle of the night and have difficulty getting all the way to the kitchen. Hope this helpful. Oh, yeah, and I also drink a big glass of water afterwards to wash it down. The only reason I do that is I'm not sure I'd want all that mustard just sitting in my esophagus. Report
Excellent article and great useful information. Report

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