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6 Foods That Could Be Bad for Weight Loss


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Love, love love Greek yogurt and peanut butter protein powder! Tummy delicious! Report
MMM - is the author a dietician? So many contractions in this article, and it does not seem to follow Sparkpeople's advice that there is no "bad" food but moderation is the key. Report
I'm cracking up. One item in the article says leave the creamy dressing alone, including low-fat. Then in another paragraph, the registered dietitian suggested low-fat ranch dressing.

What gives with this? Report
This article doesn't seem to show much common sense Report
i make my own almond butter Report
I do not believe that there are bad foods. no food should be off the table. it is the portion of the food you eat . like if I want a cookie then I eat the whole bag of cookies at one pop. that is bad for me. not the food. my choice. if I ate one maybe two . that is ok so you see portion control. and not cookies every day. once in a while ok. Report
I don’t believe in “bad” foods. There are, of course, foods that are less good for you and should be enjoyed with strict portion control. But my journey has been successful because I eat the foods I love and, even if I don’t eat others, I know I can have them and therefore they do not become the ‘forbidden’ foods that turn into cravings. Moderation and portion control were the key to my successful journey. Report
Good to have substitutions for some of these food but was surprised to see #3 discouraging light cream based salad dressing and # 5 suggesting vegetable dipped in light ranch. Seemed to contradict each other. Report
Great article Report
Good to know. Report
Any food you drop so you can loose weight can not be added back into your diet later. Either drop it forever or learn to eat it in moderation as it is. Report
Some good reminders- just because it has some healthy parts, doesn’t make it totally healthy Report
Great article! Report
good info Report
Good need-to-know information! Thanks! Report

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