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Stay Consistent With the 'Go-To' Meal

Food for When You're Out of Ideas


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thanks Report
I have a go to meal, It's soup Report
Excellent Report
Great article. Report
good article Report
thanks for sharing Report
I like spinach and meatballs in marinara sauce.
Eggs are very popular here. Report
Most of my diet is go-to staples Report
great article Report
My go to is eggs because of their versatility; there are so many ways to make them.

But if I have to cook for the family then my go to is shrimp fajita mix (I keep the uncooked medley in the freezer)--add a salad with a base of shredded cabbage and it is on the table in just about 10 minutes. Report
My go to easy effort meal is a tray of no oil roasted veg and a protein. Report
great article Report
Thanks for sharing. Report

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