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9 Realistic Ways to Kick Your Sugar Cravings


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A very good article, thanks for sharing. Report
"Enjoying in moderation" or "Cutting back gradually" might work for some people, but not for me. When I decided to lose weight, I cut out ALL sugar, as well as refined starches. This outright ban on sugar allowed me to lose 60 lbs. at a rate of about 2 lbs./week, and KEEP it off for two years now. Report
Helpful article Report
Brain research shows how sugar lights up our brains the same way cocaine does. Sugar and processed foods are far more detrimental to good health than fat. Better to eat nuts than sugar. Report
Very good suggestions, Report
Good to know Report
I like the idea about eating something very different to switch your taste buds. Gonna try that. I eat fresh fruit & other things in moderation plus lots of protein early in ybe day cuz I know that helps me. Report
thanks Report
As long as you eat processed foods your diet will never be sugar free. As long as you eat fruit, and even some vegetables, you will never be sugar free.

I try to eat natural sugars, not packaged or processed ones and eat those on a limited basis. I believe in moderation and know I will NEVER be sugar free but I can become more sugar conscious. Report
I have to go with moderation. Report
I have found foods too sweet, lately. I still eat it, once in awhile but sometimes I have to spit it out, toooooooooo yucky! Report
I keep trying to reset my taste buds, but I just keep ending up with a craving for sugar so bad that I can't not have it and then I can't stop having it. It drives me crazy. The one thing I have been able to do without it in is my iced tea. Iced tea I no longer can stand sweetened. That's only the iced, though. I can't drink hot tea without some honey or sugar. Report
Excuse me but the hyperlink for the 10 savory recipes lead me to Babble. No recipes!😕 Frowning face in case it does not display. Report

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