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Rewarding Lessons from the Business World

Workplace Incentive Strategies Can Help You Lose Weight


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Thank you for a good article. Report
Health and wellness programs at work are a big game changer Report
Health and wellness programs at work are a big game changer Report
I've challenged some of my Sparkfriends and they didn't even know it! It's been rewarding for me, even to challenge myself. I've become a better person because of it! I can also see growth and determination in my SparkFriends as well. Keep up the good work. Report
Good article Report
good article Report
happy employees are healthy employees and productive! Report
great article and reminder to stick to my goals by rewarding myself Report
This is a great reminder to me to set SPECIFIC goals! Thanks! Report
Funny I should read this today, Friday on the drive home from work I was thinking of ways to reward my efforts at weight loss with the spark people and thought I'd put £1.00 in a jar for every day I meet all my goals which can only be spent on pampering myself with pedicures etc, which help with relaxation and feeling special. Report
My company is doing a wellness program. We have a friendly competition with a point system, like you get so many points for participating in a 3k walk or 5k run... or for meeting our wait loss or medical goals like lowering your cholesterol by so many points. Whoever wins the competition gets half off their insurance premiums for a year, or an equivalent amount towards a gym membership. I love this program because it is a great way to get everyone healthy AND being the accountant that I am, it also lowers our health insurance costs as a company! Report
We could also apply some of these ideas to rewarding our children! Report
i think this is perhaps my favorite strategy of creating a healthy making, happy making lifestyle ~ it reinforces the positives, keeps us looking forward and acknowledges the gr8 changes we're making :) Thanks for a gr8 article! Report
I came across a blog post elsewhere in which someone stated that her workplace would reimburse each employee up to $200.00 per year for health-related stuff like entering races, etc. Even half that would enable some of my co-workers to participate in things like that--and the expenditure is nothing compared to healfh insurance. Worth a try to bring up. Report

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