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11 Mistakes Beginners Make in the First Month of Weight Loss


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Awesome...thanks... Report
I needed this. Thank you! Report
Thank you! Report
We've all made mistakes along our journey towards being healthier! Thanks for reminding us all we are human. Report
I'm no rookie but still commit a lot of those mistakes. Report
Great article! Report
Made all of these in the past Report
Thanks for sharing this one! Report
Great points. Many of us wish we had read these in week one! Report
1st point is actually true. because i have experienced it on my self. Report
No matter how many times I read still good and on point information. Report
For me it isn't just the first month but carries over month to month on some. Report
Thanks for making me think about ways that will work better for me. Report
Yeah... I am totally guilty of all these things... Report

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