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So You Gained Weight. Now What?

How to Keep Moving Forward Toward Your Goals


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Very good article Report
Great information. Thank you. Am trying again after dropping out and gaining weight. Report
being good to ourselves is key Report
What great words of wisdom Report
Talk is cheap! I’m disgusted with myself! I succumbed to food! Report
I would love to share how I FINALLY discovered how to lower my "set point", now fairly easily for 11 months. 18/6 time restricted eating and eliminated stevia from my coffee. Hormonal model instead of "calories in calories out" model. Dr Jason Fung books and podcasts explain it all. Report
I agree whole heartedly with this article. Report
thanks Report
Well aware of the YoYo issues with weight, moods, -Great reminder, I can change this for good. Report
Thanks Report
I have regained 12 pounds but I'm never giving up. Never Report
I have regained--while tracking and exercising. BUT I will 1) be nice to myself 2) up the water and 3) be sonsistent with the walking--plus my exercises. I will get back to where I was. Report
Good article. I have stepped away from the scale. I went from 289 pounds to 165- 167 with fluctuations. My weight now feels like a 120.... to me.
But most importantly, my health is great! I no longer take any medications. My BP is perfect as is my cholesterol.
I have much to be grateful for. Report
Great info. Report
Very informational Report

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