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Vacations: The Perfect Reward?

Planning a Quick Trip Can Hold the Answers


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Excellent Report
Good article Report
I love vacations, but after the 1st day, i'm ready to go home. The fun is in the planning. I get home sick to quickly Report
I think this would be a great motivator! Report
I love vacations because for us they almost always include visits with friends along the way-we have an old dog now (photo) so our vacations are driving so he can go with us. It also keeps us closer to home. We are reasonably active so self-guided walking tours are a highlight especially when architecture is involved. Report
I'm not a big vacation person, too many expectations. I don't like to just relax. But a day trip to go hiking or something can be nice. Report
Planning vacations always put me in a good mood. I have a family vacation coming up at the end of the month and it's going to be in NYC so I know there is going to be lots of walking in store for us. I want to do a bunch of site seeing and a little shopping and I don't want to spend it feeling tired. Report
I am going on a three-day vacation next month. Keeping my goaks at a normal track. Report
Heading down to Miami and The Keys in March and hoping to be 15 pounds less by then. Looking great is just a bonus to losing weight...I want to be able to walk all over with my kids and not feel tired! I don't want to dread the holiday pictures coming back only to see me hiding behind somebody in the pic...I hope to be front and center!!!!! Report
Hmmm... makes sense. I will reward myself with a weekend away if I keep my nutrition and fitness goals for the next 2 weeks. Report
Vacations are HUGELY motivating for me! Here's how I am working it out as a reward: I have set up an online savings account that is only for travel savings. I get to transfer $25 to it each Saturday if I have met these conditions during the previous week:

1. stay within calorie range at least 6 days
2. exercise at least 150 minutes
3. avoid sweets at least 6 days

I'm staying honest with myself--there have been one or two weeks when I didn't abide by the eating standards, so no $$ was transferred those weeks.

Saving $25 per week is a stretch for me, so I'm having to be frugal with things like clothes & eating out. I value frugality, so it works for me!

There's the short-term reward of seeing the savings grow & anticipating the trip--& each trip will be a long-term reward! I'm hoping to take an international trip every year or so. I'll be staying with friends or relatives in most cases, so $1,000 will be a reasonable budget for many of these trips.

Meanwhile, I'm losing weight & fitting into my clothes better, which is super-rewarding in itself of course! Win-win. :-) Report
I'm planning on a vacation as my ultimate reward for reaching my goal weight! Europe, here I come. I won't start planning it until I actually get there though. :) Report
Maybe it's the teachery side of me, but I think with a reward there should be the real possibility of not getting it unless or rather until you've actually reached your goal. Is anyone going to cancel a holiday that's been booked and paid for or pay more for it to be rescheduled just because they haven't reached their goal? I doubt it. And if you reward yourself without haying earned it, what kind of message does that send? I agree with CAMILLAPARIS that a holiday can be a great motivator, but a reward? For rewards you should choose something without a fixed date, something you can do spontaneously if and when you reach your goal. Report
I think it is a great motivator vacations even a daycation or a staycation can be fun and your goal doesn't have to be to reach a certain weight. Your goal could be anything you want to achieve.
it is important to recognise the goals that have been met and celebrate all the little victories. Report

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