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Goal Set for Success by Finding Your Flow

The Importance of Setting Ambitious, but Realistic Goals


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good info, thanks. Report
Even better on the re-read Report
Great article reinforcing the ideas previously implanted! Report
It so much more than about the weight, SparkFriends. Good information. Report
Loved this article, thanks for sharing
Great article! I know where I need to set my goals, but I like the FLOW as an indicator of where I am at in this journey. Definitely not there at this point, but what a great "Goal" to strive for. Report
Awesome article Report
Why not learn to enjoy the little things of the wood, the Lord gave us so many of them. - Saint Kateri Tekakwitha ~ 4/7/18 Report
thanks for sharing and ideas Report
This article really caused me to think about all my goals, not just my health goals. I recognize that I set my goals too aggressive and than I’m disappointed when they’re not realized. I saved this article to remind myself that everything needs to be in moderation to achieve the “flow”. Report
This is kind of like re staining my deck and fence which is a pretty big project with lots of work involved. The smart goal is that I will break it down into achievable phases such as stripping, cleaning, sanding, and then staining. I chose this project as it is time consuming and burns calories. I am motivated by a sense of accomplishment. Something I have a harder time translating to gym activities and "working out". I am almost done my project. It was a slow go due to a wet summer however, I know I will achieve my goal of completing this before fall. Report
Slow flow, yes! Report
This is a fabulous article. Thanks so much for sharing about FLOW. It really resonates with me. I have experienced that state in doing art, but not in fitness. Wow. What an amazing thing that would be to experience that state in fitness activities. Report
I am familiar with SMART goals. The new idea of assessing if I am setting comfort, stretch, or stress goals will be very helpful. Too often I set stress goals, become frustrated and quit. The four questions will help me set stretch goals... and remember that I can adjust my goals over time. Report

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