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Is It Possible to Fight Back Against Our Body's Set Point?


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Interesting article! Report
The only part of the article that makes sense is to watch what we eat and to include weight training in our exercise regime.
I have lost weight during a period of total lockdown in my country, but not the kind of weight loss I wanted. I lost some muscle mass and my appetite reduced considerably when I was forced to reduce my physical activities. I am now trying to regain the muscle strength that I lost and it's going to take the best part of this year to do this Report
good info Report
Very helpful information for me. Thanks. Report
Very informative- Report
So for, for me and my body, only Intermittent Fasting (IF) seems to work as a "reset" Report
Thank you! Report
Building lean muscle mass is usch a help as the muscle is what burns calories in the body.

Thanks for the information. Report
A lot to think about. Report
Thanks Report
Interesting theory! I still think that calories consumed are my biggest problem. Report
Intersting information. Report
Great article, thank you. Report
Interesting article. Report
Functional fitness may not be enough Report

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