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Healthier Ways to Eat When Traveling

Smart Substitution: Foods for the Road


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I know these tips work because I followed several at a seven day conference just last week. I weighed in at my WW meeting on 8-5-08 and was pleasantly surprised to find I had lost 4.8 lbs. Report
Great article. Report
We are truckers and I have been wondering about this fact. This is extreamly helpful. Report
People think I’m weird because I take food with me. I have no problem packing certain non-perishable things in my suitcase. Then when I get where I’m going, I go shopping. I try to always get a hotel with a mini kitchen so I can refrigerate and cook as I please. That’s the best way to eat healthy. It’s so much of a chore eating healthy at a restaurant. Querying the server, talking to the Maître D or to the chef, that I just rather fix my own food that way I KNOW how many calories and I KNOW whether it is free of the things I asked them not to put in it. I maintain control. Sometimes you can’t help but eat out, and when I have to, I bite the bullet. But I try to keep it to a minimum and fix my own food when travelling. Report
Whenever we travel - long or short distances - the FIRST thing to go in the cooler is plenty of WATER! Then, the veggies, fruits, and nuts. Also satndard fare for many trips if jerky.....Yes - high in sodium, but low in fats and high in protein.
If you want to control everything in the jerky - make your own! It's very easy, and you can be assured of what's in it. Our favorite......chicken and buffalo! Report
This was a great article! We go on long road trips at least once a year, and without fail I always get stomach aches and feel so drained. We are going on a trip this week and I will definately follow this advice! Report
Yes, great article. I noticed that I use travelling as an excuse to eat poorly - expensive veggie burgers and french fries at the airport. But once I travelled across the states and mostly ate yogurt, fruit, nuts out of my cooler. Boiled eggs are good for long plane trips as well. This is a great reminder that holidays are not carte blanche for going off one's diet. Report
I loved this article and I have traveled all over the world. I personally say no to alcohol. It is better all the way around - including your waist line! Once some friends had to throw away their fruit at the customs border in Canada - I would be careful about carrying fresh fruit over state lines - I choose low calorie/whole grain options with cereal, etc. I started bringing my own food when I it cost me $10 for an egg salad sandwich at the airport -- how many dozen eggs will $10 buy?? Report
This article came just as I was about to fly and then drive across it was especially helpful. I took a lot of healthy snacks for the car trip and a few for the plane ride. I'll make sure to follow their advice and drink plenty of fluids as I had heard that flying can leave you dehydrated. I hope to be able to stop and take some stretch breaks with the car trip. Nice article. Thank you. Report
My husband and I are in our 80's and fond of taking long auto trips. We stay in motels that include breakfast and eat lunch from our cooler. So we eat the evening meal in a restaurant after we choose the motel for the night. In the cooler we carry sandwich fixin's , fresh fruit, and cookies, cereal bars, or anything else I have on hand that will serve as a low fat dessert. Suggestions appreciated. Report
good tips. i spend long days at work and then at the gym, school or church and i am very hungry once i start the drive home. i was going to mcdonalds for the quick meal but we all know what that did to me!! lol Report
Skip the wine altogether, mainly because it's plonk, and get a can of Tomato juice and an extra water. Then, when everyone is watching a idiotic movie and the aisles are clear, go down to the galley, green tea bags in hand , and ask for a cup of hot water and you are set. And you can share the goodness, get your circulation going and waste a bit of time. Report
This has been helpful. I have two five hour flights to plan for in the next months and cannot pack yogurt, juice, or fruit because of TSA guidelines, so I take my empty Nalgene along to fill after security, a packet of nuts and dried fruit and multi-grain crackers with peanut butter. Sometimes a sandwich just isn't possible. Report
I am planning on a cross continent flight soon and needed a littl emore info. this came at the right time. Thanks. Report
This is one of the better articles I have read on SparkPeople - thank you for the helpful hints! Report

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