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Transform Your Body in 10 Minutes with 8 Moves

The Beginner's Easy Anywhere Workout


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Could be useful Report
It does not have to be all at once... Report
Clearly outdated Report
These look good to do and yet they look so challenging to muster the energy to try to do them Thank you for sharing this Report
Looks good! Report
Will work on these. Report
Yes, some of those moves I would have to modify, but . . . just good to get 10 minutes in each day! I always end up with way more, but it's a good starting point Report
Few of those are possible for me. Report
I haven't done these for a long time. Report
Thank you, I think! Report
I used a chair to support me on a couple of these, the knees version of the plank and pushup, and could only do one clumsy walk-out. But I did it! I can feel it in my legs, arms and core. Woosh! Report
Impossible to do these if you have balance issues or bad knees. Plus doing these all in a short time could lead to improper form thus injury. Just the photos of a dlim person tell me this is better geared toward someone close to goal weight who wants to tone up.

Clearly no one at SP Admin is reading these comments except to delete some & remove dates on others. We are getting what we pay for, free. Report
I can do this! Thanks for this Report
Body weight strength work has transformed me. It’s strengthened my core and upped my functional fitness. Love that all but one are equipment free...essentially eliminating excuses. Begin where your fitness level allows, set realistic’re gonna be amazed. Report
Great suggestions! Report

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